We understand there is some confusion about the email sent out regarding our online pharmacy. Here are a few points to help clear up some questions that have come up:

We will continue to have medications in stock at our hospital. You will still be able to get medications and preventatives filled as usual.

Our policy regarding online prescriptions has changed with providers such as Chewy.com, PetMeds and others that are not local. You are always free to choose those providers, but we will no longer be faxing or emailing approvals. Once approved, you can pick up a written prescription and will then be able to use the service of your choice.

Please allow 24 hour notice for all written prescriptions.

We will continue to work with local pharmacies (Walgreens, Keefers, etc.) for pick up closer to your home without the need for picking up a written prescription.

*Prescriptions for controlled medications will still need to be picked up monthly.

Please allow 24 hour notice for written prescriptions.

Our new online pharmacy is meant as an option for those who would prefer home delivery at a competitive cost. It is not mandatory by any means.

We hope this has answered some of your questions. If you need further information, please feel free to email us: info@ahahvets.com